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Whitening Kit

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What's included in my kit

  • 3 Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes

  • 1 Desensitization Gel Syringe

  • 1 Dual Arch mouth tray

  • 1 LED Light

The whitening science and formula

Our gel has been clinically proven to be very effective. 

Simply, our gel will remove most stains with a gentle action that whitens your teeth. As our Teeth Whitening Gel is broken down, oxygen acts upon the stained organic deposits, which oxidizes them. This process brings both the intrinsic and extrinsic parts of the tooth closer to its natural pearly white color.

Whitening Kit FAQs

We do not recommend you use our product if you are under the age of 13 or have braces.

If you are pregnant, please consult your ob-gyn prior to using our product.

Our proprietary whitening gel is a hydrogen peroxide based product. It includes several other active ingredients as well.

Yes. When using a professional teeth whitening product such as UpSmiles as recommended, the teeth whitening process is 100% safe and will not damage your tooth enamel or gums.

We recommend a protocol of 20- 45 minutes once a day until desired whiteness. Touch ups should be done bi-weekly or monthly based on personal habits. Results may vary per person. The whitening process is a gradual process and most users start seeing results from the second application onward.

We recommend brushing & flossing your teeth before applying, and simply rinse your mouth and device after you complete your treatment.

Yes. Our products are specifically designed for people who experience tooth discoloration due to lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, wine, tea, and consuming other foods and liquids that cause discoloration. With each application we recommend you do not do either of these for at least 12 hours after each treatment. Whitening after your last meal and beverage of the day will help with this.

It will depend on your lifestyle choices. If you are a smoker or drink a lot of coffee and red wine, your teeth will re-stain. To prevent this, we recommend one application every 2-4 weeks, after you have achieved your desired shade of white.

We recommend applying a thin layer of gel to the front of each tooth that you see when you smile. One whitening treatment (upper and lower) uses approximately a 1/2 of a syringe of gel. experience of using the whitening process, dabbing just a small amount of gel in the frontal portion of each tooth exposed when smiling only (no need to whiten unexposed teeth).

No, unfortunately our Teeth Whitening Kit only whitens natural teeth. Veneers aren’t designed to be whitened and require special maintenance from your dentist. This also includes caps, crowns, fillings, bridges and dentures.

Yes, the UpSmiles Teeth Whitening Kit whitens crooked teeth. For maintaining results on crooked teeth, consider our Teeth Whitening Pen for easier applications.

We recommend waiting until your braces are removed before using the Teeth Whitening Kit to avoid uneven whitening. You may be able to use the Kit with a retainer, but this will depend on the sort of retainer you have. It’s best to speak to your dentist before use.

Our gel refills include 3 additional gel syringes, to resupply your Teeth Whitening Kit and help maintain or improve your results. Depending on your consumption of dark foods, everyday stains may start to creep back in after your initial treatment. By keeping your Kit stocked with Gel Refills you’ll ensure that your teeth stay whiter and brighter for longer.

Place a small ribbon of gel in the area that is sensitive and leave on for 20 minutes. Do not use LED light with desensitizing gel. Rinse with water after your session is complete.