9 Benefits to Clear Aligners

Straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile are the number one reason people seek out orthodontic treatment. While the concept of straightening teeth has been around for decades, clear aligners have since come about as a more discrete option to braces. While many people think clear aligners are being chosen mainly for esthetic or vain reasons, online clear aligners are actually a superb choice as they offer amazing benefits in addition to great esthetics.

Setting their nearly-invisible benefit aside for a moment, here are 9 additional benefits or reasons to buy clear aligners online:

1. Amazing discounts - If you invest in clear aligners online, you receive amazing discounts. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, some businesses charge the same flat fee to everyone. Their pricing doesn't take into consideration the complexity or the simplicity of your individual case. This is not the case at UpSmiles. We offer a tiered pricing system based on the level of treatment needed. Therefore, you only pay for the level of treatment that you require.UpSmiles offers safe and affordable teeth alignment starting at just $999.


2. Easy connection and communication with UpSmiles online - Whether you have a question about impressions or a concern about the fit of your clear aligner tray, UpSmiles staff is available and excited to help. At UpSmiles, we are a tele-medicine facility. This allows our dental professionals to provide you top- notch treatment and excellent service no matter where you are located. We are able to do this via video chat with our professional team. The best part is that you receive the dental support that you need without having to drive to an office facility to get it!

Easy connection and communication with UpSmiles online


3. Doorstep Delivery - At UpSmiles, we are all about making the process easiest and most efficient for you! You order your no risk impression kit and the package arrives days later on your doorstep. You get to begin the process quickly. No waiting weeks for an office evaluation. No time wasted traveling to an office facility. When you are ready to start, you are only a few days away from receiving your impression kit and only a few short weeks from receiving your clear aligners and beginning treatment.

Doorstep Delivery

4. Raving Fans - You've probably heard the saying, "A testimony is worth a thousand words." Nothing speaks louder to a product's success than a satisfied customer. Many have shared their experience with clear aligners through live feedback and testimonials. A 16 year old reported that they love food and were thrilled when they didn't have to avoid any foods during treatment with clear aligners. A 42 year old mom shared that the process was so incredibly easy and that now her only regret is that she didn't do it sooner! Many have shared that if you are  thinking about it, just do it! As you go through treatment, we trust that you will soon be another happy customer sharing about your journey!

Raving Fans


5. Money-back Assurance - When it comes to UpSmiles, assurance is part of your treatment. Your investment begins with your impression kit. You take your impressions. Then you mail them back to us. Then we use them to evaluate if you're a good candidate for clear aligners. If so, we will let you know your treatment plan and the investment cost of your treatment. If you are not a candidate, we will refund your impression kit!

Money-back Assurance

6. Financing Available - While online clear aligners are a much more affordable option when compared to braces and other in-office aligners options, we understand that it can still be challenging to have the resources to do so. There are many ways that UpSmiles can still be an option for you. Do you have dental insurance? Many dental insurance plans include orthodontic coverage, call your insurance company to see if you have this coverage. If you do, there is a chance that you can be reimbursed for a portion of your orthodontic services and treatment. Do you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or a health savings account (HSA)? Ordering an impression kit and aligner system can be a great way to put these funds to use! We also offer payment plans that can help spread out your payments, thus making the investment of treatment fit within your personal budget needs.

Financing Available

7. The Safe Choice - You aren't compromising on your smile or your safety when you choose to work with UpSmiles. When working with UpSmiles, you are working with dental professionals who care about the quality of your smile. They begin with a customized treatment plan for you and follow your progress remotely until your treatment is complete and your smile is beautiful!

The Safe Choice


8. Lasting Smile - Remote monitoring keeps you on track during the treatment process. Your progress is remote monitored as you move through each aligner set. Teeth have a tendency to shift over time, so a retainer is included in your treatment. It's important to us that your beautiful smile stays after your treatment is completed.  Regularly wearing your retainer will help make sure that your smile years from now will look as good as it did the day you completed treatment.


Lasting Smile

9. Fastest treatment - Updated technology and techniques allow clear aligners to work effectively and efficiently. Treatment length varies depending on your individual needs. You can be sure that with our advanced technology and experienced dental professionals, your treatment will be completed efficiently and in a timely manner. If you get started soon, your smile can be ready for that wedding or graduation that you have coming up next year!

  Fastest treatment

Looking for invisible braces online to get the smile you have been hoping for? UpSmiles makes sure the clear aligner process is easy, effective, and affordable for you. There are so many reasons for choosing these clear aligners online, so many that esthetics is just icing on the cake! To get started, call UpSmiles at 312-683-8300 or  visit us at www.upsmiles.com TODAY!