Difference Between Byteme vs. UpSmiles

Are you trying to narrow down your search for the best aligner brand? With so many teeth aligners companies to choose from, deciding which brand to use for your clear aligner treatment can be overwhelming. Lucky, a lot of the teeth aligners companies out there have made it really easy to get started with teeth straightening treatment. But how do you know which one to trust to get the job done?

The best way to decide is to look at teeth aligner reviews, compare costs, find out how long you’ll be in treatment and what kind of clear aligners results you should expect. These are all important elements of your teeth straightening treatment, and getting your questions answered will help you decide which teeth aligners company to go with. 

To help you make a decision that’s both good for your wallet and your smile, we’ll take a look at Byte vs. UpSmiles so that you have all the information you need to get started with a teeth aligner company.

Byte vs.UpSmiles

By just looking at each website, you may think these two teeth aligners companies are very similar but do a little investigating, and you’ll find out there are some differences. Both will straighten your teeth and offer the fastest treatment times available on the market. But to really figure out if there are any differences you should be aware of, we’ll break down all the details below so you can decide which teeth straightening company is best for you. 


Clear aligners give teens and adults a discrete way to straighten their teeth without having to wear traditional braces. The good news is both Byte and UpSmiles offer clear aligner treatments that are nearly invisible. Both also don’t require attachments or buttons commonly used with in-office Invisalign treatments. All that to say, your appearance shouldn’t be affected while in treatment with either of these teeth aligners companies. Furthermore, each brand makes its invisible aligners from a BPA-free material. 

Treatment Time

When it comes to deciding which brand to pick, treatment times are a big factor in your decision. A majority of teeth aligners companies on the market can take 6 to 12+ months to complete treatment, which is way too long for some people. 

The awesome thing about both of these invisible aligner companies is that their treatment times are much shorter, and they offer daytime and nighttime treatment options

nighttime aligners and day time aligners

All-day Aligner Treatments:

  • Byte: All-day aligner’s average treatment duration is 3-4 months with their HyperByte® vibration tool. 
  • UpSmiles: all-day aligner’s average treatment duration is 3-4 months with their FDA-cleared InfraRed Light tool OrthoPulse®.

At-Night Aligner Treatments:

  • Byte: At-night aligner’s average treatment duration is 5-6 months with their HyperByte® vibration tool. 
  • UpSmiles: At-night aligner’s average treatment duration is 5-6 months with their FDA-cleared InfraRed Light tool OrthoPulse®.

Treatment Process

Overall the treatment process for Byte vs. UpSmiles is pretty similar. To get started with either teeth aligner company, you will need to order a no-risk impression kit to see if you’re a candidate for invisible aligner treatment. You will take an at-home impression of your teeth and send it back for a dentist or orthodontist to review. The nice thing about both companies; if you’re deemed not a candidate for treatment, both UpSmiles and Byte will refund you the cost of the impression kit. 

But if you are a candidate for treatment they will then share your customized treatment plan with you and a 3D simulation preview of your teeth. 

After that, you can quickly get started with treatment and order your custom aligners to have delivered to your door. After you receive your aligners, both require 22-hours of daily wear and should only be removed to eat or drink and of course to brush and floss your teeth. The treatment process with Byte vs. UpSmiles is pretty similar. 

Aligner Options(Day & Night Aligner Options)

Both teeth aligner companies have convenient options for you to straighten your teeth during the day or at night. If you prefer to wear your clear aligners during the day, both brands average treatment times take 3-4 months while using their accelerator tool (HyperByte® or OrthoPulse®).  Both companies recommend wearing the aligners 22-hours a day to achieve results. 

If you’d prefer to wear your invisible trays at night instead of wearing them during the day, both teeth aligners companies offer a nighttime aligner plan. Treatment times are a bit longer because you’ll only be wearing the aligners for 10+ hours a day. Byte and UpSmiles average nighttime treatments take 5-6 months to complete while using their accelerator tool (HyperByte® or OrthoPulse®).

Which is More Affordable?

affordable teeth straightening

Comparing byte vs. UpSmiles, you can see how both products are very similar in teeth straightening treatment duration and aligner options (all-day aligners and at-night aligners). Below we’ll take a look at what invisible aligners cost to see which option is more affordable. 





All-day aligners treatment

Starts at $1895

All-day aligners treatment

Starts at $1399

Night-time aligners treatment

Starts at $2,295

Night-time aligners treatment

Starts at $1799

Impression Kit


Impression Kit 



$699 *included in treatment cost.


$499 ($850 Value) *not included in treatment cost. 

Payment Options

Both teeth aligners companies offer affordable payment options with 100% guaranteed approval. You can also utilize your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars to pay for your treatment. As far as insurance goes, you may be able to be reimbursed by your dental insurance company if you have orthodontic benefits. Both teeth aligners companies recommend that you contact your insurance company to find out about your orthodontic coverage. 

Additional Features and Benefits

teeth aligners benefits

If you’re still unsure which option is right for you, check out some of these additional features and benefits each brand offers.

Byte Features and Benefits

As a part of your treatment, Byte throws in a few extras, including:

  • A Free Retainer that Last Six Months
  • 3D Preview of Your New Smile 
  • One Month’s Supply of Premium Whitening Treatment 
  • Doctor Directed Care
  • Lifetime Guarantee*

UpSmiles Features and Benefits

As a part of your treatment with UpSmiles, these extras are included:

  • Unlimited Aligners
  • Doctor Directed Care
  • 3D Simulation of Your Treatment Plan
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Premium Whitening
  • Post-Treatment Retainer
  • Lifetime Guarantee*

Acceleration Tools 

Both teeth aligners companies offer an exclusive accelerator tool to shorten your teeth straightening treatment duration. Byte uses a high-frequency vibration (VHF) tool called the HyperByte®, which uses soft micro pulses that transmit through the surrounding bone and roots of the teeth. It helps to seat your aligners, reduce discomfort and increase treatment results. HFV is FDA-cleared.

UpSmiles offers its patients the OrthoPulse®, which uses patented near infra-red light (nIR) technology to accelerate treatment results. OrthoPulse® increases cellular activity in your teeth and surrounding bone, reducing discomfort and treatment times by as much as 50%. Patients find that OrthoPulse’s nIR is comfortable. Infra-red light (NLR) technology is also FDA-cleared.

Patient and Customer Support

upsmiles patient care

If you’re straightening your teeth from the comfort of your home, customer service is likely a top priority on your list. Both UpSmiles and Byte have a dedicated center for patient support and offer reliable service. Both are easy to reach by email or live chat on their websites. Throughout your smile journey, your progress will be monitored remotely, and your treatment is handled virtually. You won’t need to make appointments at a brick-and-mortar location; instead, you can move to the next set of trays conveniently at your home. 

Besides patient and customer support, you’ll want to know what customers have said about each brand. If you’re like most people, a lot of your decision will probably come done to customer reviews. Several websites have reviewed byte and given it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5-stars. UpSmiles has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5-stars. Overall both have positive teeth aligner reviews, but don’t hesitate to do your own research before making your decision. 

Final Thoughts

Both Byte and UpSmiles will provide clear aligners results you can see in shorter amounts of time vs. other teeth aligners companies. If the cost of your teeth aligners is a big factor to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, UpSmiles does have cheaper treatment options vs. Byte. Both offer great additional features and benefits as well as virtual customer support. Although UpSmiles OrthoPulse® is an additional cost, it may be more comfortable than the high-frequency vibration tool, which is included in Byte’s treatment plans. 

If clear aligners cost is a significant factor in your decision, UpSmiles has cheaper treatment options than Byte. Because teeth straightening treatment duration and cost are two important factors for people, we think the clear winner is UpSmiles. If you do, too, you can easily get started by clicking here.